On Pretext Of Medical Treatment, Asaram Bapu Wants To Change The Place Of His Custody: Rajasthan Government

On Pretext Of Medical Treatment, Asharam Bapu Wants To Change The Place Of His Custody: Rajasthan Government

Asaram Bapu who is a convicted rapist had filed a petition before the Hon’ble Rajasthan high court demanding temporary suspension of his conviction to pursue medical treatment but the same was dismissed by the Hon’ble court. The convict further challenged the Hon’ble high court’s order. The Rajasthan state government in response to the challenge filed a counter-affidavit.

According to the state government of Rajasthan, Asaram Bapu has an ulterior motive. Under the guise of seeking medical treatment, he wanted to change the place of his custody. The government further stated that this is the third attempt of the self-claimed ascetic to change the place of custody under the veil of seeking medical treatment.

The government placed its reliance on the medical assessment and treatment done by the Jodhpur AIIMS on the 21st of May 2021.  According to the doctors, the convict cooperated the least and even refused to take medicine and injections. 

Ananya Bharti
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