Ad perpetuam rei memoriam

Ad perpetuam rei memoriam

Literal Meaning

For a perpetual memorial of a matter.


This maxim was normally placed at the end of the salutation on Roman documents to convey the meaning that the documents were trustworthy and permanent. It applied to depositions taken into preserved the testimony of the deponent. It used to serve as a permanent documentary record of a fact, settlement of a dispute. In simple terms, it means the everlasting remembrance of a thing or event.




If a text contains this maxim Ad perpetuam rei memoriam, it will clearly shows that it is showing the preserving nature of text or permanent documentary record of the text.

Case References

Richter v. Union Trust Company, 115 U.S. 55 (1885)

Chief Justice Waite in the judgement of this case states that ‘Any circuit court, upon application to it as a court of equity, may, according to the usages of chancery, direct depositions to be taken in perpetuam rei memoriam, if they relate to any matter that may be cognizable in any court of the United States’.

General assembly of free Church of Scotland and ors. V. Lord Overtoun and ors. [1904] A.C. 515

In this case the Assembly has concluded that the Buck of Policies agreed upon in diverse Assemblies before should be registered in the Acts of the Kirk, and to stay there ad perpetuam rei memoriam.

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