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Chiranjeeb Prateek Mohanty

I am Chiranjeeb Prateek Mohanty from National Law University Odisha pursing BA.LLB. (Hons.). The sphere of Criminal Law, Intellectual Property law and Media Law attract me the most. If at all I get any free time, I like reading books mostly of the Fiction genre, more specifically, the Crime-fiction. Apart from that I like watching shows and movies, again, mostly crime-thrillers. I am an enthusiastic debater who loves taking part in any debates, moots or conferences that have a theme of any contemporary legal or socio-political issues. I am a good listener and the kind of person one would want in a team because I believe in team-work. I like being the leader and working with the team while keeping in mind the various responsibilities that a leader has to undertake and deliver. I also like hitting the gym and working out.