Homemaker- A job to Women alone?

Homemaker- A job to Women alone?

What do you understand by the term homemaker? Basically it’s used commonly to refer to a housewife. It’s so because women’s traditional job, as regarded since ancient times in the society is none other than taking care and managing the family home. When women are asked about their profession or occupation, they instead of referring themselves as housewife, use the word ‘homemaker’.

There can be various major – minor reasons behind it. The most common is that by referring themselves as homemakers, it makes the speaker as well as the listener both feel the worth and see the value in homemaking. It also makes the narrator feel worthy about the amount of efforts placed in making a mere compartment or house into a home.

But why is it always used to refer to a woman? Why not to men? Is it only women’s job to look after the family and do all the household duties and chores, all alone? Does this concept still lie in existence even in this 21st century? If so, then why? There are many such confusing queries, but answers to these are rarely received.

As a layman, what one thinks about being a homemaker? Is it an easy- peasy job to do or a complex one? Answer to this may vary from person to person. Well many have the common mindset regarding homemaking. It’s regarded as being a not-much-to-do type of job in the eyes of society majorly. But it’s well said that one measures the depths, only after stepping in it. Thus in the same way the complications and challenges in homemaking can only be felt by those who step in it.

It’s a challenging, Full-time job, but not many people appreciate and acknowledge it in the same way. Generally it’s used to refer a housewife and narrated in a way to show that housewives don’t do much at home. What they do is none other than cooking, cleaning, washing, managing supplies, managing Billings, etc which anyone staying idle at home can do.

But is it so?

I don’t think it’s the same. Instead when one has to manage cooking, cleaning, laundry, billing, supplies etc and other household tasks on one’s own, without much assistance, then the person understands the depth and precision of its work and mostly turns out extremely irritated and feel burdened by all the household chores.

Ever experienced to manage the home all on your own, when your mother or wife  is not well or is not available? Felt the crisis during that particular span of time? That’s what I am talking about.

Men do not consider homemaking as even a job. They subject it as a duty which females have to do, regardless of her being employed or not. Whether a woman is employed or not, doesn’t create any difference. All she is expected to do is to maintain the house as well as the office.

Why not such expectations are sought from any men? Why do women had to go through it, all on her own? Basically, our society makes us do so. Our society had made up this trend, since ancient times. Men are expected to do the manual, masculine work, outside task, official chores and women have to handle home. But times have changed now and so is the need for society to change.

Firstly, the orthodox patriarchal male-mind-oriented society and it’s norms place this liability on women to do all household chores. Males hardly lend a hand in households and instead enjoy the superior position above women in the society.

Secondly, a job in the eyes of a normal person is some work, done in exchange of some money or consideration. Job is such work, which provides one with means of money and livelihood. But it’s not seen with the same ideology while referring homemaking as a job. Homemaking is not regarded as a paid job and thus not even receives the status as other jobs.

Thirdly, even if a male takes up the task of being a homemaker, he is not at all supported by the society and even his own mates. Instead people and society at large mocks at him and teases with harsh comments regarding feminine or girlish natured boy or male.

If a female pursues homemaking, society is completely fine with it. But if a male does the same, society mocks at him. Why don’t people in society accept the art of minding one’s own business and let one pursue and do what he/she wants to. If one can’t accept other’s choices then why not stop judging others for it. To be a homemaker is a personal choice and it shouldn’t be overlooked. No matter what the society says or considers but in reality, it’s one of the toughest jobs, regardless of the monetary benefits attained from other jobs.

In proportion to the work done by homemaker, the consideration paid in return is not even worth it at all. So one should not regard it as a low grade job, with not much skills required and understand the depth and complicated challenges one face while dealing with it prima facie. Homemaking is the one who makes the lives of others run smoothly and efficiently and thus taking this job for granted is not a good deed.

Other jobs offer perks and privileges like holidays, paid leaves, promotions etc but it’s not the case with homemaking. Homemaker works 24×7 and at all days. One should understand that it’s not always a women’s personal choice to completely devote her full-time to family. But she’s expected to do so. There are many dreams and desires of a women apart from taking care of family at all times but all their dreams which they aspire to be are in vain and all they are left with is a title of homemaking.

The hard work and efforts in it are more than that required in any other jobs but appreciation and consideration in it is the least among all. Many popular Bollywood movies like ‘ENGLISH VINGLISH’ and many others depict the true reality behind the title, image and worth of a simple housewife as homemaker. It shows the hard work on being a homemaker and no appreciation even by one’s own family for it. But movies like ‘KI & KA’ depicts a major difference in mindset required in this concept. This movie makes a difference in the commonly assumed mentality behind being a homemaker. It shows that a male can also be a homemaker and in fact be the best of it. Such notions are required to be accepted in our society, to bring the change. It clarifies that homemaking in itself is not gender specific, but it’s just how a person thinks about it , which makes the difference.

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