In Delicto – Legal Maxim

Literal Meaning

At fault.  


When a person to a legal controversy is at fault, he’ she is said to be a party In Delicto


It is a Latin term which means ‘in the wrong’. In Delicto is a descriptive phrase that indicates that when a person is involved in an action, he/she is culpable for that wrong.


The party whose cheque is bounced, is said to be a party in delicto.

Case Reference

In the case of Bikash Dutta v. Arijit Bera,[1] the defendant was directed to pay the default amount in delicto of payment.

Edited by Vigneshwar Ramasubramania

Approved & Published – Sakshi Raje


[1] Bikash Dutta v. Arijit Bera , 2013 SCC 6925

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