In Futoro – Legal Maxim

Literal Meaning

In the future.


In futoro refers to things to come, or things that may occur later but are not so now.


In futoto refers to that is yet to be; pertaining to a time after the present,” from Old French futur “future, to come” (13c.), from Latin futurus “going to be, yet to be,” as a noun, “the future,” irregular suppletive future participle of esse “to be,” from PIE root.


Debts which become due and payable in the future.

Case Reference

A learned Standing Council in the case of Dwarika Prasad v. State of Bihar & Ors.,[1] contended that the expression “is being proceeded against departmentally” postulated not only in present, but also proceedings in futoro.

Edited by Vigneshwar Ramasubramania

Approved & Published – Sakshi Raje


[1] Dwarika Prasad v. State of Bihar & Ors, 1975 AIR 134,

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