In Omnibus – Legal Maxim

Literal Meaning

In every respect.


In omnibus is one of Latin legal terms, literally translated to ‘In all’.  Used to mean “in every respect.” Something applying to every aspect of a situation.


It is a Latin term which means ‘in every respect’.


In all contracts, whether nominate or innominate, an exchange [of value, i.e., a consideration] is implied.[1]

  • In all obligations in which a date is not put, the debt is due on the present day; the liability accrues immediately.[2]
  • In nearly all penal judgments, immaturity of age and imbecility of mind are favoured.[3]
  • In all things, but especially in law, equity is to be regarded.[4]

Case Reference

In the case of Bhe Ram v. State of Haryana,[5] it was observed that the maxim “falsus in uno falsus in omnibus” which literally means ‘false in one thing, is false in everything’ does not apply to criminal trials.

Edited by Vigneshwar Ramasubramania

Approved & Published – Sakshi Raje


[1] In omnibus contractibus, sive nominatis sive inn om inatis, permutatio continetur.

[2] In omnibus obligationibus, in quibus dies non ponitur, praesenti die debetur.

[3] In omnibus (fere) poena lib us judiciis, et aetati et imprudentiae succurritur.

[4]  In omnibus quidem, maxime tamen in jure, aequitas spectanda sit.

[5] Bhe Ram v. State of Haryana, AIR 1980 SC 957


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