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Presolv360 Logo Edgecraft Solutions Private Ltd. has launched Presolv360 , a first of its kind platform for resolving legal disputes online in a quick and cost-effective manner. Anyone can avail their service by visiting

Launched with the view of assisting people and businesses to settle their disputes out-of-court, Presolv360 is a technology-enabled portal that allows disputing parties across the country to resolve their conflicts with the help of a neutral.

Namita Shah, CEO of Presolv360

Co-founder and CEO of Presolv360, Namita Shah says,

“Studying our Gram Panchayat system, principles of international diplomacy, court procedures and global best practices led us to disintegrate the reasons and pin-point the trigger points that cause disputes.”

Presolv360 caters to property, tenancy, commercial, contractual, banking and insurance matters. While there are some who support the facility of online filing of disputes, Presolv360’s platform facilitates the entire process right from raising a dispute to inviting the counter-party, conducting resolution proceedings to drawing up terms of settlement.

Speaking about the vision, Namita says,

“Building creative solutions by bridging law and technology and creating a trusting society remains our underlying purpose. Presolv360 is our first step toward this objective. All our solutions will always be ‘made for India’ and ‘made in India’.”

While the team operates from Mumbai, Presolv360’s online presence makes the platform accessible from across the globe. The founding team comprises of lawyers, chartered accountants, insurance and management experts.

The Presolv360 platform is open for public use and you can register your disputes here. Presolv360 has been recognised by the Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India as a provider of online dispute resolution (“ODR”) services and is working with the government, judiciary and India Inc. to help you resolve your disputes cheaper, faster and better.

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