Law as a Career

Law as a Career

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While choosing a career or a profession, various questions comes in the mind of an in or out of school students and most frequently asked questions are: Whether a profession has a good reputation in the society or not? Are they going to get a well paying job? Will they achieve their goals out of their career? Do that profession actually going to improve their skills? or Are they really going to enjoy their job?  and so on. This chapter is going to cover all the necessary information that would suffice these questions in relation with law filed.

Law as a profession is one of the traditional professional fields in India e.g. engineering, farming medicine, etc., which has a tremendous qualities in achieving success all across the world and it is also regarded as a very reputable and a thriving profession. Lawyers are not only held in high esteem in the society for playing their vital role in maintaining public faith and trust in justice but they also turns savior at times and in ways by not only protecting but also informing and providing aid to their individual clients as well as other needy people who are unable to afford the cost of court proceedings.

For a layman, the general understanding of ‘law’ is a system of rules, guidelines, regulations which are legally enforceable. But law as a profession means a lot more as it demands hard work, presence of mind, patience, effective communication skills, analytical and logical thinking and offers abundant opportunities such as in academics, litigation, media, etc.  It is important to note that Law as a career can be more demanding intellectually but it is also financially rewarding.

We can’t ignore the fact that on one way or another everyone may come across such circumstances in their life where they seek legal advice to find the help they need and in such circumstances, a lawyer plays a vital role by analyzing and interpreting law properly. Another reason for the ‘The Legal profession’ to be in a huge demand these days is the rapid changes in socio-economic circumstances worldwide and the ever-expanding role of regulatory bodies being shouldered by the government which gradually increase the demand of the lawyers .

Nowadays due to the globalization and a growing economy, the foreign firms are also increasing with the main focus on the Indian market which will also increase the demand of legal expertise, making very profitable career in law.

The benefits of having a career in law is that there are so many career routes to explore like career in media as a lawyer. These days journalism is also much in demand and it become one of the favored alternative career option among lawyers. Media lawyer works as a solicitor or barrister in a law firm or for a different forms of companies and organizations, e.g. Publishers, Investors, Major broadcasters,  Advertising agencies, Film studios, etc.

Law also provides a career path in the military of a country for those who wants to live their life less ordinary by joining as a military lawyer. Being an army officer not only gives a job satisfaction or a handsome salary but it also gives you an opportunity to serve the nation and an honored life. So if you are bold enough to voice your opinion, smart, who can think out of the box, sincere and having effective communication skills then you should definitely consider law as a career!

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