Lex non novit patrem, Nec Matrem; Solam Veritatem

Lex non novit patrem, Nec Matrem; Solam Veritatem

Literal Meaning

Latin, meaning the law does not know neither father nor mother, only the truth.


This is an old maxim which is used in modern times. It has been interpreted by many jurist and being analyzed in many cases. 


Justitia non novit patrem nec matrem, solam veritatem spectat justitia [Lat.], Justice knows neither father nor mother, but regards truth alone. Basically it means to say that the law does not know anything else except the truth. It only knows the truth and nothing else. It does see any relation, does not see any post, and does not see any position but only truth. The thing which is true in nature will be considered as supreme and above everything.

Cases Refered

Sanjay Kumar Valmiki vs State[1]

. There are no frills in this story. It is an account of human depravity carried to such an unmentionable extreme, that there remains no room for embellishment or embroidery. It has to be told, and told with brutal directness.

Edited by Vigneshwar Ramasubramania

Approved & Published – Sakshi Raje


[1]  24 May, 2018 high court of new delhi

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