Lex Rejicit Superflua Pugnatia Incongrua

Lex Rejicit Superflua Pugnatia Incongrua

Literal Meaning

Latin, meaning the law rejects superfluous, contradictory and incongruous things.


The legal maxim has been interpreted by many judges in many cases. This legal maxim comes across through many circumstances and different situations. Through many interpretations this legal maxim comes into existence.


Here we will discuss each word of legal maxim to understand it in a better way.

  • Lex- A system of body of laws.
  • Rejicit- to reject.
  • Superflua- something which is unnecessary.
  • Pugnatia-which are contradictory in nature.
  • Incongrua-lack of harmony or agreement.

Now, let us concise all of the above words in a sentence to understand the meaning of the legal maxim.

“A system of law which rejects the thing that is unnecessary in nature, contradictory in nature and it has lack of harmony or agreement”. The law does not consider the things which are contradictory in nature. The matters which are unnecessary and waste are not taken into consideration in the eyes of law. The matters which are conflicting in nature are not considered by law.


In the matters where either of the party lacks the harmony, or has the unnecessary things, or are conflicting in nature with law that will be rejected and will not be considered.

A and B was fighting with each other on pity things. A filled the suit against B. the court rejected that matter as it was needless and unnecessary in nature. The law thinks not to take into consideration the matters which are needless because it will ultimately lead to wastage of time and it will increase the burden on court.

Edited by Vigneshwar Ramasubramania

Approved & Published – Sakshi Raje


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