Per curiam

Per curiam

Literal Meaning

In the opinion of the court.


This maxim refers to a decision made by a court of numerous judges, but without a particular author’s name attached to the decision. It means decisions which are given that label by the court issuing the opinion, and these opinions tend to be short. The opinions will typically deal with issues which the issuing court views as relatively non-controversial.




Per curiam decisions are typically short and concern issues that the court does not consider to be controversial in nature.

Case References

The Bengal Immunity Company … vs The State Of Bihar And Others

In this case court held that (per curiam), the High Court was not right in holding the petition under Art. 226 of Indian constitution were misconceived.

Emperor v. Raghunath Ramchandra, 1904 SCC OnLine Bom 21

In this case Chandavarkar and Aston, JJ. are of opinion that the proper course for the District Magistrate was not to suggest to the Magistrate to review his own order out to submit the case to the High Court for revision.

K Prabhakaran v. Jayarajan , 2005 SCC (Cri) 451

In this case court held that (Per curiam), what is suspended under section 389 of criminal procedure code, 1973, is not the conviction or sentence.

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