Pink is just a color

pink is just a color

Colors play an important role in our lives. They reflect different mood, behavior, feeling etc[1]. Pink is a color which has always been associated to feminine activities or choices. Similarly, blue is linked with those activities and happenings related to men. Pink is a color which is very light, therefore, if gives a sense of kindness, calmness and love. Blue on the other hand is a color which is cool and reflects an ability to develop. Due to these reasons, there are colors associated to a specific gender. This notion or norm was not true several years before. The color pink in 1800s, was rather linked to men and women used to wear blue. Earlier pink was considered to be strong one and blue was considered to be delicate. But there was a complete shift in this during the 1940s for which there is no ostensible reason[2].  Presently, in any kid’s shop we can find two sections – pink and blue. The brands have applied this mindset and expanded their businesses.

Moreover, another notion which every individual has is this that only girls can play with barbies. A barbie is a doll or a toy with which a kid play. Supposing a male child is playing with a barbie, he will be judged by the society. Therefore, instead of changing the toys we should rather focus on how to change the mentality of the society.

Is color a gender?

This is to be noted and specified that color is not a gender and it simply has no meaning. It is person who use symbolize meaning to the different colors. Taking an example of red color- this color has different meanings associated to it like, it signifies blood, short temperedness, power courage etc. In India, red represents purity, joy, and celebration and is also a traditional color worn by brides or on an auspicious occasion whereas in China, red is used for a blessing. In South Africa, red is the color of grief and sadness in Russia red is related with communism. Therefore, individuals assign meaning and link emotions to a particular custom which becomes a custom.

During the shift of the mindset to blue being a masculine color and pink being a feminine color, the different industries and brands played a huge role. Where the concept of patriarchal society emerged, these brands started making products in pink color which were further attractive. This gave a huge response and since then categorising gender to colors began.

Colors are one of the most beautiful things, it even makes a dull object look attractive. Nature looks beautiful because the colors enhances it even more. Some people even try to express themselves with the help of colors. They shall never be gender specific because when we are following this ideology, we are further promoting gender stereotype and ironically, we are only ones fighting for equality. Genders are determined on the basis of reproductive system when one is born and therefore categorising colors to genders would be incorrect.

Barbies are gender neutral

Barbies are dolls which in turn are toys. Hence both girls and boys can play with barbies. Our society on the other hand judges those little boys who play with dolls and sometimes even call them ‘gay’. If boys are playing with doll, it will definitely not make them gay. No thing or environment can make a person gay. People are born with it and it is a complete natural process.

These barbies and dolls are specifically made colourful using vibrant colors. Therefore, it is very natural for a child, whether a girl or a boy, to get attracted to them. Once they start growing, they become specific with their choices which might change. Another reason to get fascinated to these dolls may be that they possess more human like features. It is absolutely unthoughtful to call a child gay because of his choices.

There is no harm playing with dolls, in fact these help a child in many ways like- children improve their social, vocabulary skills. With imaginary situations in their minds, they even become creative. They enjoy playing with dolls peacefully and sometimes can also express their emotions. 


Gender labelling a color as well a toy is very unreasonable and irrational on the part of the society. This all started with a trend which later became a stereotype. Both the genders shall be allowed to choose whatever colour they like and there should not be restricted. On the other hand, our society is also judgmental on the fact that some male kids play with doll and immediately categorise them as ‘gay’. Neither color nor any toy can make a child ‘gay’. Gender is a natural phenomenon and is not a choice and further cannot be alteredon the basis of a particular color or a toy. The battle of pink versus starts as soon as a child is born. It is high time where our society shall break this myth otherwise the legislations and laws curbing the inequality will be a vain effort.

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