Sample Question for Quantitative Techniques (Part 4)

Sample Question for logical reasoning

Passage 1

Answer questions based on the data presented in the graph below:

The graph shows the performance of ABC Ltd. in different zones in 1990.

Question 1. What is the profit percentage of ABC Ltd. in 1990?

  1. 20%    
  2. 25%    
  3. 48%    
  4. 42%

Answer. 48%

Question 2. In which zone is the percentage of tax highest? Given Tax = Sales – (Expenses + Profit)

  1. North  
  2. South  
  3. East    
  4. West

Answer. South

Question 3. Find the percentage of all-India sales in west firms (all-India comprises four zones)

  1. 10%    
  2. 16%    
  3. 14.42%           
  4. 22%

Answer. 16%

Question 4. If sales in four zones are expected to grow by 5% in a year then the south zone sales on total sales in 1991 would be

  1. 42%    
  2. 36%    
  3. 21%    
  4. 38%

Answer. 36%

Question 5. The expenses as a percentage of sales are least in 1990 in:

  1. North zone     
  2. South zone     
  3. West zone      
  4. East zone

Answer. North Zone

Passage 2

Refer to the following graphs and answer the questions based on them:

Question 1. What is the contribution of EU in the foreign investment inflows for the year 1996?

a) 1840           

b) 2000           

c) 460 

d) Data insufficient

Answer. Data insufficient

Question 2. The foreign investment approvals for the year 1996 in case of SAARC, ASEAN and EU would be:

(a) 2240          

(b) 5000         

(c) 3500          

(d) 2600

Answer. 2240

Question 3. Which of the following can be concluded from the graphs?

  1. Foreign investment flows have been steadily increasing
  2. Foreign investment approvals have been steadily decreasing
  3. Others contribute to the largest chunck of the foreign investment inflows

(a) I only        

(b) I and II only         

(c) I and III only        

(d) None of these

Answer. None of these

Question 4. If the net foreign investment inflows for the year 1997 were to grow by 20% and if the proportion of inflows were to remain the same as in case of approvals for the year 1996. What would be foreign investment inflows from NAFTA?

  1. 800
  2. 500
  3. 840
  4. 920

Answer. 840

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