Literal Meaning

Word by word, exactly.

Explanation & Origin

Late 15th century from medieval Latin, from Latin verbum ‘word’

Latin for “in these words,” or verbatim. This is often used when stating the exact language of an agreement within a complaint or other pleading rather than attaching a copy of it.

It means using exactly the same words as were originally used.

Verbatim means to cite or quote something in a manner that corresponds word for word. It refers to being in identical words, repeated exactly, written down, or copied word for word.


The judgement of a similar case was mentioned verbatim in a petition applied by an advocate.

Case Reference

Mr. Eugene Pinto & Anr vs Unknown [AIR 2003 Gau 90]

In this case  a verbatim handwritten copy of the Will of the deceased is stated to have been made by Roger, the carbon copy of which was left in a file. The original copy was sent to the Solicitors to prepare the Deed of Gift along with the covering letter of Roger.

Sambhu Nath Sarkar vs The State Of West Bengal & Others [19th April 1973]

In this case it was mentioned that the Constitution never contemplated that Parliament should mechanically reproduce all or most of the categories in the legislative entries almost verbatim and not to apply its mind to decide in       what circumstances and in what class or classes of cases the advisory-board should be dispensed with.

Jitender Bajaj vs State (U.T. Chandigarh) And Another [2005 CriLJ 3136]

The complaint, after 7 days of the dismissal of his first complaint, has filed the second complaint, verbatim the first one. Issuing of process on such a complaint, in my opinion, by the Magistrate amounts to reviewing the earlier order, which under the law is not permissible. In the instant case, the dismissal of first complaint was not a dismissal under Section 202 or 203 of the Code. Rather, it was dismissed under Section 256 of the Code. In that situation, filing of the second complaint without there being any manifest error or manifest miscarriage of justice could not be entertained. Thus, in my opinion, in the special facts and circumstances of the case, the issuing of summon by the Magistrate to the petitioner, on the second complaint which was filed verbatim on the same allegations is an abuse of the process of the Court, particularly keeping in view the fact that the alleged occurrence is of the year 1982.

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