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Latin phrase.

Vide is Latin for see or refer to and is used to direct a reader somewhere else. Vide means see; used as a written instruction to tell a reader to look at a particular book,page, etc. for more information.

The word is used in scholarly citations.


Section 47 of the act gives the tenant the same rights to compensation as if his holding had been a holding under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1908 (vide supra).

Case Reference

Bhatt Indravadan Nathalal Vs. State of Gujarat [(2004)2GLR1365]

In this case it has further submitted that the impugned acquisition proceedings are bad in law and are not in the spirit of the constitutional mandate provided by the legislatures vide constitution (74th amendment) act, 1992, wherein local authorities like dakor municipal borough are empowered to use their power by way of delegated legislation.

Rajesh Arjunbhai Patel Vs. State of Maharashtra and Others [AIR 1990 Bom 114]

In this case ….. which a bhil is entitled to in that state. the acquisition of a domicile in maharashtra has all been in vain for ex. s has evolved a cut-off date vide the parents of the benefit seekers. nothing more pernicious of the equality promise in art. 14 and freedoms incorporated in art. 19 can be conceived of articles 15 and 16 …..

S.Shekar V. Commissioner and Returning Officer , Bangalore City Corporation , Bangalore and Others  [1999(1) Kar LJ98]

In this case it was mentioned that the constitution was incorporated in the constitution vide (seventy-fourth) amendment act, 1992, which came into force from 1-6-1993.

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