What is needed for women to remove gender discrimination?

gender discrimination

The devaluation of women in society is a remnant of the years of asymmetrical relationships and unequal distribution of resources between men and women.  This has led to a sense of subordination in women to men. It is very conveniently and conventionally internalized in the various aspects of society. The society has had patriarchal instincts. These instincts have resulted in years of discrimination. The growth and development of women have been much slower than the same happening amongst the men of society. This is the truth quite clearly visible in society. The literacy rate, female foeticide, rape, dowry deaths, sexual harassment at workplaces and the likes are the remnant of the years of discrimination. The society will not be able to attain the maximum extent of growth if this continues to persist. This needs to get eradiated from society for overall inclusive development of it.

Women need to become well versed in their rights. They should be aware of the provisions made by the government for their growth and development. This especially holds ground for women belonging to the rural areas. This would make them aware of the kinds of discrimination they have to go through. They will be able to comprehend the homogenized versions of such gender discrimination. And, only the understanding of such naturalized discrimination can lead to an elimination of it.

The political representation of women is another important step to eliminate gender discrimination. The increase in the number of women in politics will lead to a system that will be able to put forth the issue related to women in a better manner. Women need to participate more in politics. They should be doing so even on the basic levels of politics like the Gram Panchayat level in order to make the rural women more developed and aware of the discrimination embedded in society. The number of women participating in politics will inspire other women as well. Moreover, it will also lead to a creation of laws that are aimed at the growth and development of women, education of women, eradication of gender equality and the like.

Financial independence is one of the most important essentials for the attainment of gender equality. Men have dominated the society on the vapid reasoning of them being the bread earners of the family. They completely tend to ignore the contributions of the women to the well being of a family. They don’t take into consideration the efforts that a woman has had. Women have constantly been nagged about their financial dependence on men. They have used this as a tool to treat women with disdain. This needs to be eliminated from society. The women should aim to become more independent in terms of financial, emotional and social dependence upon men. They should be encouraged to pursue their passion and dream. This will not only make them economically independent but also act as a strong stimulant for their self-esteem and self-gratification. Financial soundness is a very practical aspect. It needs to be given its due importance, along with the other forms of development.

Another way through which women can eliminate gender discrimination is by participating more in socio-cultural issues. They should actively participate in social movements. This will create an impetus for women to be leaders. They should express their opinions and not just simply be compliant with society. This will lead to the eradication of patriarchal domination over women and their choices, opinions, and voices. Women like Malala and Great Thunberg are great examples of this ideology.

Women should be more vocal about their struggles and success. This will encourage other women as well to put forth their share of struggles. They will be able to talk about the issue which is considered taboo in the society or the issues which have always been difficult to talk about. This will provide a platform to the voices which have been suppressed. The “Me Too” movement was one such movement which provided for a platform to women to talk about the harassment they had faced. It came across as a revolutionary movement. The vocalization of the struggles and success, moreover, will create a society with a more rational and inclusive mind-set.

Moreover, women should not try to conform to the built irrational stereotypes of females in society. They should never go against their will in order to get social validation. When women become subservient to such generalizations it becomes a very potent factor in the creation of gender discrimination in society. The society has created a set of Acts and duties to be done by the womenfolk. They are supposed to be docile and submissive. They are expected to give in to such an image and not have a backbone of their own. However, women should take bold steps. They should voice their concerns and put their ideologies forward. Women should be strong enough to take their decisions on their own. They should not let anybody else decide for them, be it the matter of being a working woman or having a child.

Gender discrimination has become a toxic part of society. It will not go spontaneously and will take a fair share of time. Gender Discrimination can be eliminated only when women will pull one another up. They need to be stand up for one another. The women who have succeeded in combating this evil of gender discrimination should reach out to women who are falling prey to the chauvinistic tendencies prevalent in the society. However, no legislation, regulation, policy or anything else will be effective till the time women, those suffering through gender discrimination and even those who don’t, do not realize how repressive and regressive it is to be dominated by a section of society merely on the basis of biological classification. They should raise their concerns on a platform that can reach other women going through the same kind of struggles in their day to day lives.

Edited by Ojaswi Gupta

Approved & Published – Sakshi Raje

I am pursuing BA LLB (Hons.) from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala. I am a first generation lawyer of my family. The intricacies of law fascinate me a lot and I enjoy myself while dealing with the same. Reading is my stress buster. I am a firm believer of the saying that law is the rudder of the ship of state and I endeavour to contribute to the development of the same to my maximal extent.