Allahabad HC question petitioner on making reckless statements against a woman

The Allahabad High Court bench of Chief Justice Govind Mathur and Justice Piyush Agrawal in the case of Shiv Ram v. State of UP and ors pulled up a petitioner for making reckless allegations against a woman in his petition even when she wasn’t party to the proceedings.

The petition in the case was filed alleging the existence of a sex racket allegedly knitted by several women and had urged the Court to direct the Senior Superintendent of Police, Kanpur Nagar to take strict action in the matter.

The bench in the case observed that one woman had been singled out in the petition only allegations were made against her though she was not made a party to the case.

The court also said that- “reckless and ill founded allegations have been made against a single named woman. As per the averments contained in the representation, the petitioner is having several video cassettes and audio recordings relating to the issue. The woman against whom allegations are levelled is not party to the proceedings.”

The court while discussion petitioner’s conduct in the case said that the woman’s identification need not have been so disclosed in the writ petition and minimum standard of decency demands that identification of a woman is not required to be disclosed, in a fashion that has been done in the instant petition.

The court dismissed the petition and said that the police authority is at liberty to inquire in the matter.

Swikritimala Dubey
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