Andhra Pradesh HC Constitutes Medical Board To Examine The Claim Of YSR Congress Party MP Raghu Rama

Andhra Pradesh HC Constitutes Medical Board To Examine The Claim Of YSR Congress Party MP Raghu Rama

YSR Congress party MP Raghu Rama Raju has found involving in hate speeches about certain communities and hence spreading resentment against the government, consequently making people lose faith in government. For this reason, he was arrested under section 124A of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 on the charges of sedition and was brought to the Crime Investigation Department at Guntur district.

But, it is alleged that he has been beaten incessantly during custody. Taking this into account, the Hon’ble high court of Andhra Pradesh constituted a Medical Board to have a check on if the claim is false.

The Medical Board is to be headed by the “Superintendent of Government General Hospital, Guntur, held by the Hon’ble Division Bench consisting of Hon’ble Justice C. Praveen Kumar and Hon’ble Justice Lalitha Kanneganti.

further, the Hon’ble Court also directed to record the investigation in a video graphed cassette and that should be kept in a sealed cover which further is to be given to the Hon’ble Principal District Judge of Guntur District, who in turn will send that recorded investigation to the Vacation Officer of the Hon’ble High Court, who will be responsible for the safe custody of the same.

But the request of the petitioner for the presence of his relative at the time of investigation was rejected. Although the Hon’ble court assured to protect the MP.

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