Assam NRC Coordinator Approaches Sc For Detailed Re-Verification

Assam NRC Coordinator Approaches Sc For Detailed Re-Verification

According to the State NRC coordinator Hitesh Dev Sharma, Serious errors are there in the draft of NRC as eligible are not included in the list while ineligible are included.  For this reason, he approached the court demanding a comprehensive re-verification of NRC.

Exaggerating more on this point he further said that around fifty thousand persons are found to be eligible to be added in NRC though their names are not there while drafting NRC.  The petition also said that out of approximately 30,684 people in the Kamrup district of Assam added in the preliminary NRC list under the ‘Original Inhabitants’ category, 7,446 people were found to be not eligible but are included under the list. Only 107 are found to be eligible under the said category.

He further adds the point that if a similar survey is carried out in another district of the State of Assam, there could be more people included in the list who are not eligible.

Hence he demanded the Hon’ble Court to order for re-verification of the NRC list with the rationale that it would be in the interest of the people of the nation.

Ananya Bharti
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