Bail denied by Delhi Court to Advocate who forged signatures of BJP leaders

Bail denied by Delhi Court to Advocate who forged signatures of BJP leaders

Advocate, who allegedly forged the signatures of BJP leaders, Home Minister Amit Shah and Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath, was denied bail by the Delhi Court. The matter was about the advocate’s appointment as Special Public Prosecutor in the Narcotics Control Bureau.

The accused sought bail from the court stating that he was falsely implicated and did not forge signatures of the BJP leaders on any document.  On the other side, the Prosecution contended that the accused has been a part of similar offence before. The matter was being heard at the Patiala House Court, Delhi.

The court added that given the grave nature of offence involving the accused, no leniency can be given on the grounds that he is a legal practitioner since 1991.


The alleged forgery was done for the purpose of securing appointment as Special Public Prosecutor. Therefore, keeping in view the entire facts and circumstances of the present case bail application deserves to be dismissed.

The bail plea of the accused was rejected by the Metropolitan Magistrate Ashwani Panwar.

Anusha Richa Mishra
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