Bail denied to a person accused of murdering an old couple: Delhi HC

Bail denied to a person accused of murdering an old couple: Delhi High Court

Bail refused by the Delhi High Court to the person accused of smothering an old couple based on their daughters’ and her partners’ command. The bodies of the deceased couple acquired near a dirty sewer packed in suitcases. The sister and her partner were accused of the murder by the children of the late couple.

Kaur, the sister and her partner Dixit confessed to committing the crime in March 2019 when they got arrested. As per the confession, the accused stated that; to get their hands on the property, they drew a conspiracy to murder the old couple. To this, a charge sheet filed in this respect with the following details:

  1. A pair of earrings of the deceased woman recovered from the petitioners’ house.
  2. The accused couple could recognize the place where the dead bodies dumped.
  3. A CCTV footage indicated a suitcase with the dead bodies in possession of the accused couple.

Looking at the petitioners’ contention to sought bail for the accused is as follows:

  • The petitioner initiated by stating that since March 2019, the accused had been in Judicial custody.
  • The petitioner contended by opposing the possession of the said suitcases with the accused.
  • The recovery of the earrings does not prove the accused of murdering the old couple.

Further, the state denied bail on the following grounds: 

  1. The petitioner being the accomplice of the accused.
  2. Both the parties were in constant touch.
  3. Communication in the form of phone calls between the petitioner and Dixit over 15 days made before the crime took place.

Lastly, the court opined that the case is in its early stage for any charges framed, and the fact that the accused could tamper with the evidence or might flee from justice taken into consideration. It is this reason why the accused is not in the position to receive bail.
Case: Raghvender v. The State (N.C.T of Delhi)