Bombay HC issued directions on oxygen supply and Remdesivir distribution

Bombay HC issued directions on oxygen supply and Remdesivir distribution

Keeping in view of the COVID 19 pandemic in Maharashtra and the problems faced by people Nagpur for the limitations in medical aid, the Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court pointed a slew of directions late evening on Wednesday for supplying instant relief to COVID patients. At a special hearing at 8 pm, a Bench of Justices SB Shukre and SM Modak issued directions on two fundamental issues; 

No lack of Oxygen Cylinders at Hospitals: 

The two judge bench, composed of justice SB Shukre, and SM Modak, were enlightened by the lawyers. There are certain oxygen-generating units with a total capacity of over 146 metric tones per day. The court was also enlightened that the supply of liquid oxygen from the Bhilai steel plant has reduced.

The court uttered, “Position have spin in a alter mode. Despite of increasing the supply of liquid oxygen, the supply has decreased. There is dreadful need of oxygen in Maharashtra.”

The court directed the Bhilai plant to continue supplying 110 metric tons per day to Nagpur district. The Court also said that “there should be no lack of oxygen supply to hospitals in Nagpur”.


On the supply of Remdesivir, the lawyers told the Court that out of the 10,000 bottles of the Remdesivir ordered by the Court, some amount had been released and distributed in Nagpur. But, 6,000 more bottles are needed.

The Court has directed that a further supply of 6,752 bottles of Remdesivir should be provided by Thursday and equitably dispensed amongst all hospitals.

The Additional Solicitor General UM Aurangabadkar informed that the total production capacity of all seven companies producing Remdesivir was roughly  88 lakhs per month. He contended that this amount of production was considered sufficient to cater to the needs of serious Covid patients across the country.

He uttered that the supply through companies has been sleeked, and there ought to be no shortage in supply of the drug, and it would also help in eliminating the malpractices and sale in the black market.

The court was hearing a sue moto PIL lodged to review issues with reference to COVID-19 management in the city of Nagpur. It was informed before the court by Advocate Tushar Mandelkar that Nagpur alone stands in need of 166 metric tones of oxygen. It was further added by the court that if any hospital runs out of oxygen, then a notice should be sent to the Joint Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration, Nagpur, Additional Commissioner, Nagpur and COVID-19 committee instituted by the court.

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