Bombay HC Lay Aside Govt. Demand Of Unrestricted Movement Into The State

Bombay HC Lay Aside Govt. Demand Of Unrestricted Movement Into The State

The Hon’ble high court of Bombay dropped two applications filed by the Goa government requesting a modification in guidelines that are set up for the people to follow. The guideline required the people to have a COVID negative certificate while entering the terrain of the state.

The state government in the application urged that relaxation should be granted for the persons who are employed in the state of Goa and travel between the other States near Goa and the State of Goa on daily basis to earn a livelihood. Additionally, the government assured that every person would be subject to thermal scanning and sanitization. Further, it was also assured that the entire person will need to produce employment proof at the check posts where they will be strictly scrutinized

Further, it was also pleaded that obtaining a COVID -19 negative certificate is cumbersome and even the laboratories where the COVID test is conducted and the certificate are being produced are already overburdened.

However, the Hon’ble court after going through all pleadings dismissed the request, gauging the consequence if the request is approved.

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