Bombay High court on Thursday granted bail to Peter Mukherjea in the Sheena Bora murder case

State has failed to provide medical assistance: Plea in Bombay High Court

The death of Sheena Bora shook the nation and the news sensitised with the involvement of her own parents who were accused to have killed her. Based on the statement of Driver Shyamwar Rai, the second husband of Indrani Mukherjea, Peter Mukherjea was arrested. He moved a bail application before the Bombay High Court submitting alibi as his side evidence. The Hon’ble Court granted Conditional Bail on the submission made, with stay of its own order for 6 weeks, allowing the CBI to go for the appeal against the same.

On Thursday, Bombay High court granted bail to Peter Mukherjea, one of the prime accused in Sheena Bora murder case. Sheena Bora was murdered in the year 2012, however the case came to light in the year 2015 when Indrani’s Driver Shyamwar Rai spilled the beans about the crime.

Brief Facts:

Sheena Bora, a 24 year old girl, an executive in Mumbai Metro One went missing since April 12, 2012. On 23rd May, 2012, the police found her half- burnt body in a suitcase near pen, Raigad district after locals alerted the officials regarding the same. Sheena Bora is the daughter of Indrani Mukherjea from her previous relationship. She later got married to Peter Mukherjea, a retired television executive. Indrani’s driver Shyamwar Rai was arrested by police in 2015 for possessing arms illegally, who revealed the truth about the Sheena’s murder and told police that Indrani murdered her daughter after allegedly drugging her and subsequentlyburning her corpse.

Based upon the statement of the driver, Indrani Mukherjea was arrested on25thAugust, 2015. Since then she has been lodged in jail and her bail applications were categorically rejected by the courts. In connection with this case, Indirani Mukherjea’s ex-husband, Sanjeeve Khanna was also arrested for allegedly conspiring with Indrani Mukerjea to murder Sheena Bora.The case for transferred to Central Bureau of Investigation by the Maharashtra government on 18th September, 2015 for further investigation. Chargesheets were filed against Indrani Mukherjea and Sanjeeve Khanna.

On 19th November, 2015, Peter Mukherjea, husband of Indrani Mukeherjea later divorced her in year 2017, was also arrested by CBI, as he was suspected to have  played a role in murdering Sheena Bora. Chargesheet against Peter Mukherjea was also filed subsequently on February, 2016.

Shyamwar Rai, who turned as approver in the present case has deposed that Indarni Mukherjea and Sanjeev Khanna picked up Sheena Bora who arrived the place along with Peter’s son Rahul who later left after dropping Sheena Bora. Later after sheena boarding the car, IndraniMukherjea drugged her by offering her wine. Since Sheena was in sense even after being drugged, Sanjeev Khanna along with Indrani Mukerjea strangled her to death and later disposed the body by burning the corpse using petrol in a forest located at Pen, Raigadh district. Shyamwar Rai has also alleged that Peter Mukherjea too had a role in murdering Sheena Bora. Despite over 7 years of the murder, the cause of death of Sheena Bora is still not known. The Doctors have also given a statement that the final cause of death of Sheena Bora could not be identified as the body was half burnt and decomposed. So far 61 witnesses have been examined in connection with this case. Peter’s son Rahul who is one among key witness is yet to depose. Later Peter Mukherjea filed bail application before the Bombay high court which was listed before Justice Nitin W. Sambre.

Key features:

1. The prime defense of Peter Mukherjea was that he was not in India when the crime took place which was vehemently opposed by the CBI stating being does not imply that he wasn’t involved in the crime.

2. The court while granting bail to Peter Mukherjea, observed that there are no evidence except the statement of Shyamwar Rai that he was involved in the crime.

3. The court remarked that the call records produced before the court is not adequate to prove his involvement in the crime.

4. The court further observed that he has been in jail for almost 4 years and has also undergone a bypass surgery.

5. The court also considered that the fact that Peter Mukherjea was not in country on the day of the crime.

The Bombay High Court granted bail to Peter Mukherjea on a surety of Rs.2 Lakhs. He is further restricted from travelling abroad and is directed to surrender his passport to the police officials. Also he is directed not to contact his son and daughter until further orders. The court also restricted Peter Mukherjea from taking adjournments before the special courts. Though the court has granted bail to Peter Mukherjea, it has stayed the operation of its own order for a period of six weeks allowing the CBI to prefer an appeal before the Supreme Court.

Edited by Pragash Boopal

Approved & Published – Sakshi Raje


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