Calcutta HC To Increase Workload; Benches Notified

Balance Needs To Be Struck With Public Order & Security, Freedom Of Speech & Expression Cannot Be Curtaile

In the latest notification, it is highlighted by the Covid Committee of the Calcutta HC that the workload both in the HC and at the district level should be increased, from Monday onwards. It has been intimated that the parties/ their counsels need not file Urgency applications any longer and all matters will be placed before the relevant Benches in chronological order.

In other words, all matters file during the Covid time and which have not been disposed of will start appearing before the relevant benches unless the returnable date has not been reached.

As far as HC is concerned, it is intimated that three Division benches together with the Division bench headed by the Chief Justice shall continue functioning, as at present.  Further there shall be four regular single benches out of which one shall take up all original side and appellate side, except writ petitions.

Another Single Bench shall take up all criminal matters, other than writ matters. In addition two other single benches shall continue sitting three days a week to take up writ petitions. One of these benches could exclusively take up writ petitions filed during the Covid time which are ready for hearing or had been made returnable but were not taken up for further hearing.

However the virtual mode will continue to be preferred mode, particularly at the motion and the interim stage. Matters pertaining to the circuit bench at Port Blair shall continue on Wednesdays, as at present.

Court staff that does not report for their duties, assigned on a roster basis, shall be marked absent and be deemed to be on leave.