CBI books for ‘Defamatory’ content against Judges on Social Media

Oil Mafia gets convicted for Criminal charges under special CBI Court

On Monday, sixteen Individuals have been booked by the CBI for allegedly posting the defamatory content against Judges of the Apex Court and the High Court of Andhra Pradesh on social media.

Andhra Pradesh High Court has directed the CBI to probe the case and submit the report in a sealed cover within 8 weeks. On December 14, the next hearing of case is scheduled.

The High Court taking cognizance of the alleged defamatory posts had directed the CBI to probe the role of prominent persons in the southern state, who were intentionally targeting the Supreme Court and HC Judges.

“The postings were made to bring hatred, contempt, incite disaffection and ill-will against the High Court and Hon’ble judges”, the court noted.

Justices Rakesh Kumar and J Uma Devi, passed an order on series of the defamatory post on social media were made against the Judges and Judiciary.

Registrar general got a complaint lodged with the CID on the directions of the HC, giving names and related evidence, but the state police wing reportedly booked only 9 people.

During the hearing, the bench commented that “Their comments are perilous to democracy and amounted to an attack on the judiciary. If some ordinary person makes any comment against the government, cases are promptly registered against such persons”. When persons in positions made comments against the Judges and the Courts, why have cases not been filed? Looking at things, we are left to infer that a war has been declared on the judiciary,”