CBI court questions CBI in 2017 case involving CBI Ex-Directors

Oil Mafia gets convicted for Criminal charges under special CBI Court

A special CBI Court of Special Judge Sanjeev Aggarwal of Rouse Avenue Court asked question from the CBI for their slow investigation in a case of meat exporter Moin Akhtar Qureshi in which their 2 Ex-Directors are under the scanner.The matter in the case is about corruption case against meat exporter Moin Akhtar Qureshi, who was arrested in 2017 for alleged crime of influencing CBI.

The court showed its displeasure with the speed of investigation of CBI and said that- “In last four years, no investigation has been done. How many more years will you take? Seven to ten more years?”

The same Court had earlier pulled up the agency “for not questioning two of its former directors” & had posed several questions.

The Court had said that – “the Constitution of India is the supreme law of the country, which envisages India to be a country governed by the rule of law. One of the most basic axiom of the rule of law is, that there should be equality before the law.” The court also raised questions to CBI about not questioning two of its former directors who are under scanner. CBI replied to the court that till now it has collected 544 documents and has also examined 63 witnesses.

The special Court has adjourned the matter for Nov 24 after the CBI lawyerinformed the court that some of the orders are challenged in the HC of Delhi.

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