CJI SA Bobde said that “Pre-litigation mediation would reduce pendency of cases”

CJI Bobde defends the controversial committee formed by the SC

Chief Justice of India SA Bobde while celebrating Constitution of India said that to reduce the pendency of cases, pre-mediation techniques should be used by litigants. He added that every litigation do not need all arguments to come to a logical conclusion court room.

CJI in the said that- “It is high time people (litigants) resort to pre-litigation mediation which has the force of decree. It is something which I believe will work & is probably the only thing which can contain pendency especially the huge pendency which will arise post-COVID. Our system heavily depends upon books & other modes of things to represent our cases, but due to the technology, this brings a lot of change in all.”

CJI further said that, not only at the time of pandemic nut also other severe conditions when judiciary has worked. But it’s the real commitment of the judiciary which worked constantly to improve the access to justice which has remained constant.

He also said that it is very disheartening & unfortunate to see that due to COVID-19 & as there are no physical hearings, so many lawyers lose their livelihood & to earn it they resort to other kinds of earning their money. He said that due to COVID-19, we all adhere to our technology for conducting hearings through video conferencing, which we all are very much aware of & accustomed to.

Swikritimala Dubey
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