Community Kitchen Scheme to ensure food security in India: PIL has been filed before the Hon’ble SC

Community Kitchen Scheme to ensure food security in India: PIL has been filed before the Hon'ble SC

The PIL has been filed by the social activist for the formation of Community Kitchen to provide nutritious and rich meals to the people who are affected by hunger and starvation. As many children below the age of 5 years have died because of malnutrition. It is their fundamental right to get food and security and it is state duty to provide the same to them.

Community Kitchen comprises of a group of people combined to cook and share healthy and affordable meals. The group can be formed by anyone and run anywhere in the states. The healthy food is shared among the members and groups but will not be shared with people other than the participants. It helps to increase the access to healthy meals through developing the skills of the participant in growing fresh food, budgeting, meal planning and cooking of the food. In short, the members who prepare the meal are the ones who consume the same meal. It provides access to the rich and nutritious food to each and every member of the group.

Brief facts:

The case was initiated based on the Public interest Litigation filed in the supreme court of India, for seeking direction to the formation of the community in all the states and hunger to feed the hunger and malnourished. It was stated that the fundamental rights namely the right to food and the right to life are violated as many children under the age of 5 years die every day due to hunger and malnutrition. The social activist also sought the direction for the people falling outside the public distribution scheme to create a National food grid for people, who are unable to feed themselves. The pleas were also raised to provide meals at subsidiaries rates in a hygienic condition or below the market price.

 Key features:

  • In the interest of justice the entitlement to nutritious food, is the basic human right and the most important fundamental right of an individual from both national and international perspective The idea of the community kitchen is intended to provide nutritious food to the people who are vulnerable to malnutrition, starvation, and hunger and ill-health because of inability of feed themselves.
  • Article 21 of the Indian Constitution does not only provide the right to life but also the right to live with dignity and the Union and State governments have to fulfill their obligations by ensuring food security in the country.
  • Implementation of the community kitchen in each State funded by the Union or State Government or association through public-private partnership entities fulfills the corporate social responsibility of the entities and the Governments’ commitment towards people.

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