“Completely vague and misconceived”: Allahabad High Court dismisses plea for direction to teach ‘Bhagavad Gita’ to students of all classes

In public interest” seeking a direction that “Bhagvad Geeta (or Bhagavad Gita) may be taught as one of the subjects to the students of all classes i.e. Basic Education to Higher Education in the overall interest of society”. The Allahabad High Court on Wednesday 25th November dismissed a plea.

Justice Pankaj Mithal and Saurabh Lavania dismissed the writ petition and said the filed petition is “completely vague and misconceived”.

The Petitioner (Brahma Shanker Shashtri), who appeared before the Court in person, that in case he wants to include “Bhagvad Geeta” (or Bhagavad Gita), the Court said “he may approach the appropriate authority such as Board of High School and Intermediate Education, Uttar Pradesh or any other Board or University concerned, which he considers proper for including it as a subject or as a part of the syllabus of one of the subjects.”

On Thursday 05th November Allahabad High Court observed that the filing of Writ Petition, praying for directions to create awareness regarding certain laws is not proper and that “it appears that such petitions are filed only for the sake of popularity.”

Case title – Brahma Shanker Shashtri v. State of U.P Thru Secy. Basic Education Lucknow & Ors.  [P.I.L Civil No. – 22346 of 2020]

Coram:  Hon’ble Pankaj Mithal,J. And Hon’ble Saurabh Lavania,J.