Corona Virus Scare: Andhra High Court Mulls on safety of Health workers

Vacancy: Andhra Pradesh State Judicial Service

Due to Covid-19 epidemic scare worldwide, World Health Organization in its report dated 03rd March, 2020, mentioned about Shortage of In-person protective equipment of health workers endangering their lives. WHO rises demand for global supply of PPE – Personal Protective Equipment, the World Health Organization cautioned lives at risk from the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Healthcare workers depend on PPE to protect themselves from the Corona affected citizens being infected and infecting others. Because of limited access and availability of gloves, masks, respirators, gowns etc.

On 24th March, 2020 PM Modi announced Nationwide complete lock down for next 3 weeks that is up to 14th April, 2020. Government has allocated 15,000 Crore rupees to strengthen health infrastructure for Corona testing facilities, PPE, Isolation Rooms, Ventilators etc.

On 26th March, 2020 Andhra High Court Bench headed by Justice J.K.Maheswari and Justice M.S.Murthy directed the Central and State Governments for necessary personal protective equipments for the Health Workers, including Doctors, Nurses and Para Medical staff to make use of PPF and render their services to the citizens to contain the effect of Corona Virus pandemic. Division Bench also extended bail, anticipatory bail, suspension orders for a month. Bench also Ordered for stay in demolition, eviction, dispossession and auction in certain important cases.

Andhra High Court bench hearing PIL filed by Dr K Niranjan, ruled for ensuring supply of necessary PPE to health workers. “It is the duty of the State Government and it’s functionaries to provide medical facilities to the citizens, when required”, the Bench said

Risk to healthcare workers is paramount so the Industries and Governments have to act quickly to boost the supply of PPE. After Covid-19 outbreak, prices of masks have seen 600% increase, N95 prices increased by 300% and Gowns up to 200%. While the situation is like this, the essential commodities price will shoot up because of scarcity of safety materials and equipments. At this juncture it is the duty of the companies to produce more of such commodities. The lives of doctors must not under threat and their service is the most needed one to control Corona. Moreover, the Government must also have to inspect the cheap misuse of this pandemic situation to reap benefits from essential commodities and services. So it becomes the utmost duty to control this supply and demand imbalance.

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