Court junks claim of Mistaken Identity

Court junks claim of Mistaken Identity

When one Pavankumar Brahmin was arrested with 15 grams of Charas from the metropolitan court’s gate, Pavankumar Sharma Age 54, a resident of Alvar District in Rajasthan approached the city Sessions Court urging it to restrain the police from arresting him in a 33-year-old narcotics case.

Claiming that the case registered in 1987, Sharma was seeking the anticipatory bail from the court. The charge-sheet filed later showed that the accused was 48-year-old then. The original accused must be 80 years old at present and he is only 54 years old.

There was a misunderstanding regarding similar names and native place, but he is certainly not the person police were searching for so many years, he submitted.

He placed his identification cards and certificates in support of his claim, stating that he was born in 1966 and had nothing to do with the matter.

Police admitted in front of the court that it was slip of pen that led to the wrong entry in charge-sheet about the accused person’s age. Wrongly mentioned the age 48 years, instead mentioning 38 years Accused was released in 1991 after spending three years in Jail.

The jail records suggested that he was 31 years old at the time of release.

The accused absconded after the bail in 1991 and was later traced after many years and he was trying to take advantage committed in the charge-sheet, investigator from Karanj Police Station informed the court. Police requested the court to rectify the mistake in 1991.

Justice S K Baxi rejected the Sharma’s application observed that the investigation revealed that there was only one person living in the village by this name.

Sakshi Patil
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