CPIM leader on Yogi’s statements-“Crimes should be dealt with law”

UP Govt tries to defend its 'Love Jihad' ordinance

UP CM Yogi Adityanath after Allahabad High Court’s Judgment said that he is going to curb the menance of forcible religion conversion in the state of UP and warned those who conceal their identity and wage “love Jihad”. He aske them to look into their ways else should be prepared for “Ram Naam Satya Hai” i.e. his last journey. After his warning former Lok Sabha MP Hannan Mollah declared his statements to be wrong. He said that a death threat by a CM is wrong.

According to him “crimes should be dealt with law”. Threatening to kill is very unfortunate and anti-human feeling. He said that “you cannot take people’s lives for such crime i.e. forcing someone to convert her religion for marriage”. He added that if chief minister gives death threats, some union minister says “goli maaro goli s***o ko (statement by Anurag Thakur in Januray)” then where will people go?

“Allahabad High court in this case said religion conversion for marriage was not necessary step. Government will make law for such acts. UP CM while addressing on Saturday at Jaunpur said that the government will keep all mothers and sisters safe using ‘Mission Shakti’

“I warn those who play with women’s dignity, if they do not mend their ways, then their “Ram Naam Satya Hai” procession will be carried out,” Adityanath added.

After Yogi’s statements, Home Minister of Haryana also said that they are thinking to bring Law against Love Jihad.

The harm due to Love Jihad came under focus after a 21-year-old student named Nikita Tomar from Haryana’s Ballabgarh was shot in broad daylight on October 26 by her alleged stalker Taufeeq. The accused is alleged to try to kidnap the 21-year-old woman in his vehicle and when she tried to resist, he shot her and fled in his car. The girl was attacked by the accused when she came out from the exam centre and everything was captured on CCTV. She claimed that even after various complaints, Police and government have not taken action.

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