Criminal act, no less than genocide: Allahabad HC on oxygen shortage

Criminal act, no less than genocide: Allahabad HC on oxygen shortage

 The Allahabad High Court marked that the coronavirus disease i.e., COVID-19 circumstances in India and stated that the deaths of patients due to the non-supply of required oxygen amounts to a ‘criminal act’, nothing but short of a ‘genocide’ or massacre by those who have been charged with the task to make sure continuous acquisitions and provide the chain of the liquid medical oxygen. A bench of Justice Ajit Kumar and Justice Siddhartha Varma took stock of reports of lack of medicated oxygen due to the widespread transmission and increasing patients of the COVID-19 infections. 

How can we let our people pass on in this way when science is so advanced that even heart transplantation and brain surgery are taking place these days,” the court further asked.

“The report was also spread that five sufferers had died in ICU of a new trauma center of Medical College, Meerut on last Sunday. Likewise, the news was also being viral that  Sun Hospital, Gomati Nagar, Lucknow, and another private hospital at Meerut had taken their hands off the admitted Covid patients only for the cause that oxygen supply was not made even after request. We find these news items showing a quite contradictory picture to one claimed by the Government that there was sufficient supply of oxygen,” it pointed out.

  It also spotlighted stories that went viral over social media platforms of ill-fated citizens entreating oxygen cylinders to save the lives of their beloved ones, both at the end of the district administration and the police administration. The bench also marked the unrestrained hoarding of oxygen cylinders and badgering of citizens who are desperately in need of them.

Lastly, the Hon’ble Court ordered the district magistrates of Meerut and Lucknow to inspect the reports within 48 hours and submit their reports on the next day, May 7.

Shubhi Shukla
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