Delhi Court appoints Advocate Commissioner concerning the matter of Mehmood Pracha

Delhi Court appoints Advocate Commissioner concerning the matter of Mehmood Pracha

Amid the raids carried out at advocate Mehmood Pracha by the Delhi police, the Delhi sessions court appointed an advocate commissioner to facilitate the seizure of Pracha’s computer and to ensure that the data seated in it has not tampered. 

The court order sanctioned post the rejection to undertake the raid. To this,  Pracha contended that it violated the lawyer-client privilege.The court  directed the seizure of Pracha’s Dell Computer with the Investigating Officers’ seal. Also, the State will bear the expense of video graphing the entire procedure undertaken. 

The court also warned Pracha to not tamper with the computer in question. A joint proposal made across the bar for appointing advocate Avneet Kaur, a local Commissioner, for making sure the data has not meddled. The matter initiated last year when Pracha alleged tutoring a witness to carry out a fabricated Delhi Riots case. 

To secure the classified communications between Pracha and his clients, Pracha moved the court by invoking section 126 of the Evidence Act. Lastly, as per Pracha, the purpose of a revision petition is defeated if the search warrants are not stayed. Once the order passed for getting a hold of Pracha’s computer, the court pushed the matter for consideration on April 28. 

Case: Mehmood Pracha v. The State

Mihir Popat
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