Delhi HC Judge Suresh Kumar Kait Bars Sharing Of VC Links To Media

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A judge of the Delhi High Court has directed that the link of hearings conducted through video conferencing will not be provided to the public, including media persons, and it will be given only to advocates and investigating officers.

Justice Suresh Kumar Kait also made it clear that no advocate shall share the link with anyone else except the senior advocates or the lawyers appearing on their behalf.

I hereby direct the registry/ court master to not provide the link of video conferencing to any other person or correspondent and the same shall be provided only to advocates concerned, IO (investigating officer) concerned, parties in person in case the petition is filed for quashing and to the persons specifically directed by this court to join the proceedings,” the Judge said in a recent order.

Justice Kait passed the directions in a criminal case after “certain unidentified persons” joined the proceedings through video conferencing and could be heard talking continuously. “A very unpleasant situation came before this court during the hearing of the present case, certain unidentified persons joined the proceedings through VC and could be heard talking continuously, thereby, creating hindrance in hearing the submissions of counsels and proper justice dispensation,” the order said.

On June 20th 2020, the High Court had allowed public viewing of hearings conducted through video conferencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that links would be offered to attend the proceedings.

The High Court has restricted physical court functioning since March 25th due to the pandemic.

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