Delhi High Court allows name change of student; calls it Freedom of Speech & Expression

Delhi HC asked Delhi Police in case of FIR lodged against Indian associated with Tablighi Jamaat

A petition was filed by Delhi University student in the Delhi High Court; the student is pursuing BA Philosophy Hons and sought quashing of a DU’s notification stating that for a change in name in records of the University, name has to be changed in the records of CBSE. 

The DU submitted in the court that the decision has been taken after taking experts’ opinion and the policy made by DU has been approved by the Executive Policy which being a statutory body has an effect of law. 

The counsel for the Delhi University then stated that the resolutions passed by the Executive Council had some requirements that need to be fulfilled by the students and in case of non-compliance the Council’s resolution will not be allowed to move back. 

. The Court also referred to the case of Rohitash Institute of Elementary Education v. National Council for Teacher Education(supra) and said the facts of this case will also apply to the present case. 

The Court stated that there will be much confusion if two different names appear because the name as per the CBSE records and the name in the degree will not be the same. Hence, to avoid such confusion the DU will change the name of the petitioner in their records.

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Anusha Richa Mishra
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