Delhi High Court Expresses concern over rising COVID cases in capital, seeks ATR

Delhi High Court Expresses concern over rising COVID cases in capital, seeks ATR

The HC bench of Delhi comprising of Justice Hima Kohli and Justice Subramonium Prasad expressed its concern over rising cases of COVID-19 in the capital city and also said that Delhi Government has taken all caution to the situation. The court also told the Government that reason behind this is relaxed movement of people even after there have been huge rise in positive cases.

The court said that – “A city State like Delhi has been reporting far more cases than States like Maharashtra and Kerala. No household has been left untouched. In such circumstances, we would have thought that emergent corrective steps would have been taken and a concerted strategy worked out by the Govt. of Delhi to contain the infection. However, it has been noticed that even in such a critical situation, the Delhi Government has continued to relax the norms relating to movement of the public.”

The petition was filed by one Rakesh Malhotra who seeked to ramp up testing facilities in Delhi. On this the bench has directed the Government to file the report of steps taken by it in past weeks to control the rise of COVID cases and also to mention the manner it has proposed to deal with other matter arisen during it.

The court also noted that despite of increasing number of case in the capital the government has increased the number of permitted guests at gatherings like- wedding from 100 to 200 and also allowed to occupy the full seats in public transports.

And about the testing of COVID cases the court made remarks about testing through RAT and gave emphasis that RT_PCR testing shall be ensured

The matter is again listed for hearing on November 19th, 2020.

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