Don’t use WhatsApp if you don’t like it: Delhi HC

IT Rules notified by Government: Supreme Court to stop using WhatsApp to share video conference links with Lawyers

A single-judge bench of Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva of the Delhi High Court has come to question the recent plea made by Adv Chaitanya Rohilla. The petition that Mr. Rohilla sent to the court stated that the new privacy policy WhatsApp lets the company have control over a person’s private chats. This new policy was a violation of the right to privacy and a danger to the nation. There was also support from the central government as Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Chetan Sharma, said that this issue required much consideration.  Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva then asked Mr. Rohilla and his lawyer Adv. Manohar Lal if they first read and accept all the terms and conditions of any mobile application they use. Since it is a voluntary act to accept the terms and conditions, users who do not wish to use WhatsApp can leave it. The court pointed out that WhatsApp had postponed its plan to implement the new privacy policy until May. Senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi, who represents WhatsApp, said that the company cannot read personal chats and that its new policy is not violative of anything. The case will have a more detailed hearing on January 25.

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