Drug use destroys youth of country: Punjab & Haryana HC

Punjab and Haryana High Court Took Cognizance of Cases Against MLA’s and MP’s

The Punjab & Haryana Court was hearing the anticipatory bail of a Parmila, resident of Rewari who is a co-accused in a case for possession and sale of impermissible amount of cannabis.

As per the facts of the case there was recovery of contraband from one Rahul (co-accused in the case) who said that the found amount was sold to him by petitioner. So bothe of them were booked under section 20(b) of the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985.

Where the petitioner denied all the allegations and said that no such substance was ever sold by her to anyone.

In the case the Single Bench of Justice Harsimran Singh Sethi observed,

” The lives of the citizens are being destroyed due to the selling of these banned substance. There is an alarming spike in the number of people buying and selling these contraband in the country, which needs to be controlled in an effective manner so as to minimise the said offence, if not to eradicate.

The Bench also noted that India has one of the largest youth population which is a significant factor to power economic growth. Also the majority of addicts are among the youth which has resulted in ultimate crime and violence.

The Court thus expressed concern over the rising drug use in the state, which is ultimately “destroying the lives” of its citizens.

Swikritimala Dubey
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