EC files affidavit before SC stating that it has received details of political donations through Electoral Bonds

EC files affidavit before SC stating that it has received details of political donations through Electoral Bonds

The petitioners have filed the stay application for seeking a stay on the electoral bonding scheme, 2018. Based on an allegation by the petitioner that it provides benefit to big corporate houses, an affidavit was filed by the Election Commission of India. The Election Commission has produced the requisite details of donation received by the political parties through the electoral bond.

What about the relevancy of someone’s evidence or statement of facts that is produced before the court. The affidavit is the written documents of the witness’ evidence. The benefit of presenting evidence helps another party to know what other’s witnesses will say at the trial.

Brief facts:

The Election Commission has filed a counter-affidavit on behalf of the respondent before the Supreme Court regarding the details of donations received by various political parties through electoral bonds. The respondent mentioned that the application for stay has been filed by the petitioners, seeking a stay on the electoral bonding scheme. It has been alleged by the petitioner that the bonds have kept secretive for the purpose of providing benefit to the big corporate houses.

It is submitted in an affidavit that the Election Commission, being a constitutional authority does not propose to join submission on merits as the matters are between the contending parties. On contention by the petitioners, the list of the requisite details of 105 political parties has been produced by the Election Commission showing the details of the donations to the political parties. 


The Court has refused to stay the electoral bond scheme. This is pursuant from the order of the Supreme Court where all the parties are directed to provide information to Election Commission of India related to donations received by electoral bond including the identity of the donor in the sealed cover. The just and proper interim direction must be required so all political parties who have received a donation through electoral bond submit the details of each bond to the Election Commission in the sealed cover.

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