Former High Court Judge Forcibly Tried to Enter Retired Judge’s House; Supreme Court Calls It “Unfortunate”

Supreme Court: Suspicion, However Strong, cannot take the place of Proof

The Supreme Court of India, said on Monday that they found it quite “unfortunate” that a former judge, of a High Court tried to enter the premises of a retired Supreme Court judge, named R Banumathi in Chennai. The Supreme Court judge from Tamil Nadu retired in July, last year.

Senior Lawyer CA Sundaram who appeared for the lawyers who filed a petition against the former High Court Judge CS Karnan regarding his behaviour and conduct argued that Karnan has spoken of various judges inappropriately not even sparing their family members. He was previously deemed guilty of criminal contempt by the Apex Court.

He also spoke of the news reports about the former judge forcibly trying to enter retired supreme court judge’s residence and pleaded for bringing in the provisions of Information and Technology Act as well.

Hon’ble Justice AM Khanwilkar leading the bench called the incident unfortunate and told him to take suitable action with regards to the complaint. Further, the matter was adjourned and Sundaram was suggested to move to the appropriate authorities to seek all the remedies possible.