Gold Smuggling Case: IAS Officer M Shiva Shankar denied anticipatory bail by Kerala High Court; taken into custody by ED

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IAS officer M Shiva Shankar was denied pre-arrest bail by the High Court of Kerala today related to Gold Smuggling where the Enforcement Directorate and the Customs Department has registered the cases. The IAS officer is also the former Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister of Kerala. 

Single Bench of Hon’ble Justice Ashok Menon said “Dismissed”  regarding the matter. The details of the matter will be known later. The IAS Officer was already suspended and the ED opposed the bail plea of the officer stating that he was aware of the smuggling activities taking place. ED had told that the Shiva Shankar allegedly helped the main accused in money laundering.

Senior Advocate P Vijayabhanu appeared for the Officer submitted that his client fully cooperated with the investigating agencies and yet no incriminating material was found against him. He further added that the investing agencies are working under the political influence and pressure.

SV Raju, the Additional Solicitor General of India, appeared for ED and submitted that the investigation till now has supported them to the view that Shiva Shankar was aware of smuggling activities and taking him into custody can help them disclose some crucial findings.

Soon after the anticipatory bail plea was rejected by the Kerala High Court, ED arrested IAS M Shiva Shankar from an Ayurvedic Hospital where he was admitted citing illness.

Anusha Richa Mishra
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