Jammu & Kashmir High Court confers Senior Designation on 26 Advocates

Section 18 of Public Safety Act Unconstitutional after scrapping of Article 370; HC seeks govt response

On Wednesday, the full court of Jammu and Kashmir High Court designated 26 Advocates as “Senior Advocate”.

The mentioned advocates as per the notification issued by the Registrar of General of the High Court have been conferred the senior designation:

  • Abhinav Sharma
  • Anil Bhan
  • Abdul Majid Dar
  • Bimal Roy Jad
  • Chander Mohan Koul
  • Gagan Basotra
  • Javed Ahmad Kawoosa
  • Mir Syed Latif
  • Mohammad Altaf
  • Mohammad Yousaf Bhat
  • Mohsin-ul-Showkat Qadri
  • Moksha Khajuria Kazmi
  • Nazir Ahmad Beigh
  • Nissar Hussain Shah
  • Om Parkash Thakur
  • Poshker Nath Goja
  • Pranav Kohli
  • Rahul Bharti
  • Rahul Pant
  • Rajiv Jain
  • Rohit Kapoor
  • Seema Khajooria Shekher
  • Showkat Ahmad Makroo
  • Syed Faisal Qadri
  • Vikram Sharma
  • Wasim Sadiq Nargal

This is subject to furnishing of undertaking in terms of under Rule (4) of the Criteria for Designating Senior Advocates, 2018.

Rule 4 states: An Advocate who has been designated as “Senior Advocate” shall furnish an undertaking that; (a) He/she will abide by the rules regulating the practice of Senior Advocates; (b) He will not draft or file pleadings in any Court and shall in all cases be assisted by another Advocate; (c) He/she shall not directly give consultation to any litigant.

Sakshi Patil
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