Karnataka HC Questioned Politician Over Filing Unnecessary Petition In The Court

Karnataka HC Questioned Politician Over Filing Unnecessary Petition In The Court

The Hon’ble division bench of Karnataka high court consisting of the Hon’ble chief justice Abhay Oka and the Hon’ble Justice Aravind Kumar slams politicians over filing fatuous litigation. 

The Hon’ble court further questioned why they are not raising the issue in the assembly where they can make a change if any laws regarding public welfare are passed.

The Hon’ble bench further pointed out that for the last fourteen months they have been passing orders for the cases which are filed by the politician for fulfilling the political agendas. 

However, there is no petition regarding the issues a migrant worker is facing and seeking relief for the same.

The Hon’ble Court while passing the order concerning the petition suggested having a positive use if someone is in the privileged position. it further advised the politician not to rush the court rather raise the issue in the assembly.

The Hon’ble bench added that if these petitions are brought into the hon’ble court premises, it is a clear-cut thing that these are not public interest litigation but are publicity interest litigation.

Ananya Bharti
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