Karnataka High Court has issued new video conference guidelines

Karnataka High Court has issued new video conference guidelines

The Karnataka High Court has issued video conference guidelines which are allowed to be followed through advocacy parties-in-person and video conferences.

1. Hearing of cases through video conference instead of open court hearing. Therefore, even during video conferencing hearings, the decorum applicable to the court hall hearings will be followed.

2. Before joining a video conference, the advocates in question, the party-in-person and the person who is allowed to attend through the video conference will ensure that the appropriate video conferencing equipment is available with them and also the availability of appropriate bandwidth in their network.

3. Advocates appearing in the video conference shall wear appropriate robes as prescribed.

4. Parties-in-person and person/s appearing through a video conference should dress decently in view of the dignity and decency of the court.

5 The learned lawyer, party-in-person and the person / persons appearing through video conference should not make their place from kitchen, dining hall, lawn, vehicle or the place which has public nuisance etc., they should attend. . Video conference hearings sitting in one place to suit the dignity and decorum of the courts.

6. Advocates, parties-in-person and person / persons will be allowed to attend via video conference while other matters are being heard, mute their audio and video and only when their matter should be taken up for hearing.

7. Advocates, party-in-person and person / persons allowed to attend through video conference shall not engage in any activities which are not for court decorum such as attending phone calls, Eating food, sleeping, chatting together like children and other family members and customers, etc.

8. Advocates, parties-in-person and persons / persons allowed to attend via video conference, as far as possible, avoid using cell phones to attend the hearing.