Kerala High Court asks Police to consider complaint regarding mysterious figure moving about at Night Hour

Walayar Case to be re-trialed Says Kerala HC

The Kerala High Court has asked the Police Officials to the particular Jurisdiction to take and consider complaint of a Mysterious Figure moving during the night.

Brief facts

The Kerala High Court has asked the District Police Chief to take necessary action by investigating what the Mysterious Figure is. The Court before passing such order has heard the facts saying, in the district of Thrissur[i] the locals allege that they have sighted a mysterious figure moving in the night, the locals have made complaints in the police station, and there were also many arrests made arrest of the people who went looking for the mysterious figure while there was a lockdown in place. The Police officials have stated that there was an investigation conducted, but there were no clues found to help this case. The locals have made a statement that there was a recent sighting of the mysterious object. So considering this fact the Court has asked the concerned District Police Chief to consider the complaint and pass orders.

 Key Features

1. In the district of Thrissur, the locals complained that there was a Mysterious Figure moving in the night.

2. The Police have already investigated, but they were not successful in finding any clues.

3. There were many locals arrested who were outside spotting the Mysterious Figure while there was a lockdown.

4. The Locals have sighted the Mysterious Figure recently, after the investigation found no clues.

5. Considering the facts by the locals, the High Court asked the District Police Chief to pass an order and take necessary actions.

Edited by J. Madonna Jephi

Approved & Published – Sakshi Raje

End Notes

[i] Mehal Jain, Kerala HC Asks Police To Consider Complaint Regarding Mysterious Figure Moving About At Night Hours [Read Order] Live Law (2020), (last visited Apr 15, 2020).

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