Kunal Kamra refuses to apologize for his contemptuous tweets, a plea filed against him in the Supreme Court

Kunal Kamra refuses to apologize for his contemptuous tweets, a plea filed against him in the Supreme Court

After posting an controversial tweets on the Arnab Goswami’s episode, Kunal Kamra face a contempt proceedings filed by a law student and other Advocates, after Attorney General KK Venugopal has granted a consent on Thursday for over 8 letters.

In response to it, today karma has tweeted a statement addressing the Supreme Court Judges, AG and Lawyers that “…..instead of hearing contempt petition against him, the Apex Court should consider hearing other matters where “parties have not been lucky and privileged” and that he would not “like to jump the queue.”

Today, a plea has been filed before the Supreme Court by Advocates and a law student seeking contempt of court proceedings against Kunal Kamra stating that even Attorney General found the tweets to be ‘highly objectionable’. Further states that the tweets were in such bad taste that even an ordinary man could say that Kamra was in contempt of court.

In its plea, Advocate Nishant Katneshwarkar states that Kamra has a following of 1.7 million people on Twitter and that his “scandalous tweets were seen by his followers and many of them retweeted the same.”

“The citizens of India have highest regard to the courts of law. No law abiding citizen of this country would tolerate such act of publication of tweets by the alleged contemnor,” the petition states.

Upon considering the consequences, Stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra, however has refused to apologise for his tweets criticising the Supreme Court, commenting in a statement that “silence of the Supreme Court on matters of other’s personal liberty cannot go uncriticized.”

He has remarked the statement in his tweet saying that,

“May I suggest the demonetisation petition, the petition challenging the revocation of J&K’s special status, the matter of the legality of electoral bonds or countless other matters that are more deserving of time and attention..”

The comedian has further stated that though the Supreme Court has not held his tweets to be contemptuous yet, he does hope that the judges “have a small laugh” before making their decision.

Referring to the Goswami episode, Kamra states that his tweets were his “view on the SC giving a partial decision in favor of a prime time loudspeaker.

“I believe I must confess I very much love holding court and enjoying a platform with a captive audience. An audience of the SC judges and the nations top most law officer is perhaps as VIP as audience as it gets. But I realise that more than any entertainment venue I would perform in, a time slot before the Supreme Court is a scarce commodity.”


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