MORTH Notifies Amendment for Incorporating Divyangjan’s Ownership in Registration Documents

MORTH Notifies Amendment for Incorporating Divyangjan's Ownership in Registration Documents

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued notification dated 22nd October, 2020 for amendment to FORM 20 of CMVR 1989 to ensure capturing of ownership details of vehicles at the time of their registration. This will be of particular benefit to divyangjan.

It had come to the notice of the Ministry that the ownership details are not properly reflected under the ownership in the various forms under CMVR required for registration of the Motor Vehicles.

In view of this, it has amended the FORM 20 of the CMVR 1989 to capture detailed ownership type as :

“4a. Ownership Type Autonomous Body Central Government Charitable Trust Driving Training School Divyanjan (A) Availing Gst Concession (B) Without Availing Gst Concession Educational Institute Firm Govt/Undertaking Individual Local Authority Multiple Owner Others Police Department State Government State Transport Corp/Dept”.

Further, benefits of GST and other concessions are being provided to the Divyangjan (Physically challenged Persons) under various schemes of the Government for the purchase / ownership  / operation of the Motor Vehicles. As per the current details under CMVR 1989, the ownership captured does not reflect the details of the Divyangjan citizens. It becomes difficult for such citizens to properly avail various benefits available under Government Schemes like the benefits to the Divyangjan as per scheme for financial incentives of the Department of Heavy Industries. With the proposed amendments, such ownership details would be properly reflected and divyangjan would be able to avail the benefits under various schemes.

The suggestions and comments in this respect were sought from public on 19th August, 2020.

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